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In the absence of deviations, normally, in a healthy person, a special lubricating fluid is contained between the plates of the pericardium in an amount of not more than 30-50 ml. If the volume of this fluid increases, then we are talking about serious violations that should be given due attention. A slight increase in the amount of fluid between the sheets of the pericardium does not disrupt the normal functioning of the heart. In this case, patients practically do not feel any discomfort and do not complain about the deterioration of their health.

Surgical interventions on the heart. It often ends with infection that occurs in the postoperative period and leads to buy alendronate pills in the pericardial area (accumulation of exudate). Or contributes to the accumulation of blood in the pericardium. Heart injury. With a severe bruise in the region of the heart, an inflammatory process may occur, which can provoke the accumulation of excess fluid in the pericardial region. Chronic heart failure. One of the main causes of dropsy of the heart, which indicates an advanced form of the underlying disease.

The following main reasons can provoke the development of the disease.
Other causes of hydropericarditis. As already mentioned, a different amount of fluid can collect in the space between the sheets of the atrial sac.

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How much fluid has accumulated in the pericardium determines how much the layers of the pericardium diverge. The norm is considered to be a discrepancy within 5 mm. Depending on the degree of this discrepancy, medicine distinguishes 3 stages of hydropericarditis. We have already mentioned that various types of fluid can accumulate in the heart. In this regard, there are 2 types of hydropericarditis.

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As soon as fluid begins to accumulate in the heart, the patient develops the first symptoms of the disease. The main one is a violation of cardiac activity, which manifests itself. If dropsy of the heart reaches an impressive size, tamponade and acute heart failure develop, then this complication manifests itself with severe symptoms.

Hdisturbances in the development of the myocardium of alendronate ventricle lead to such a dangerous condition as hydropericarditis in the fetus. As a result, fluid begins to accumulate in the heart of an unborn child. As in adults, in the fetus, newborns and children, pathology can cause cardiac tamponade with all the ensuing consequences.

To prevent the development of this deviation, a pregnant woman is recommended to be constantly monitored by a specialist with periodic fetal cardiography.

If hydropericarditis is still diagnosed in the fetus, a complex procedure may be required - a pericardial puncture. The latter is fraught with serious complications for the unborn baby and the pregnant woman herself due to the increased risk of fosamax online.

To date, official medicine does not confirm the relationship between pregnancy and the occurrence of fosamax pills such as hydropericarditis.

In itself, the conception and bearing of the fetus does not contribute to the emergence and development of pericardial pathologies. Despite this, quite often in the 2nd and 3rd trimester, pregnant women are diagnosed with mild or moderate degree of hydropericarditis.